As usual, the organisers of the South West Model Expo arranged for the restaurant and bar to be open late on the Saturday evening and laid on a disco for some late night revelling. Some of these pictures (supplied by Johnny) are a bit fuzzy but I think that's something to do with the poor light conditions, nothing to do with the beer! Enjoy.

Before things got too hectic, Howard explains something technical to a captive audience. John (I think!) poses with the new wig. Definitely Richard posing! "Suits you sir!" Sarah with glasses. The old faithful wig still looks good Rich.
Anne looks a treat in a peaked cap! Where's your onions Jim? And what's with the yellow eyebrows? Hmm. Sarah gone dark! Sergeant Major Norris reporting for duty Sir! John Guy looking a bit the worse for wear...
...and his son who looks a bit better off! Chris looks better now he's got (another) pint. You've still got what it takes Rich! Chris plays a few bars on the air sax! Mark before things took a musical turn for the worse.
This is something I thought I'd never see, Howard looking very cool! Peter wears a hat which is far too big for him. What a motley crew. Even a Dalek gets a thirst! Dr Spencer I presume?
Nice scarf Mark! Mark and Dalek belt out Queen's Hungarian Rhapsody!