The Saturday evening bash was as manic as usual with wigs, costumes, masks and hats all coming out for there yearly outing. No food this year (although there was a meagre BBQ!) and the beer was a bit limited but it didn't spoil the fun. Richard and myself provided some of the entertainment with Chris Woods and gang providing some of the rest. Johnny's provided the pictures and viewer discretion is advised!

This is the picture that appeared on the UKTC Forum as a caption competition. Dalek "A pint of WD40 please!" Barman "Do want dilithium crystals in that?" The Dalek builders guild guys pose for a pic. Check out their website for more Dalek info. Humpy and Rich sing along to "Sweet Home Chicago"... ...followed by a quick dance routine... ...which included one of the Daleks although it wasn't such a good mover!!
Hauptman Humpy in disguise! John would probably say that Anne looks better with this Predator mask on but we wouldn't would we? Two R's look's the worse for wear... does John. Mark holds his nose while Chris looks guilty!!
A sight not often seen, Howard with a full blown smile on his face. Jim protests his innocence (if at all possible) with that T shirt. John looks like he's been told the next rounds his!!! I'm not even too sure who's behind the mask, whatdya mean what mask? Ray and Kieren discuss there newest Allied project, how about an RC NAFFI?