As is usual at Bovington the event organisers lay on a bit of a bash on the Saturday evening for the exhibitors to let there hair down (if they have any!). Of course some let there hair down more than others! (Hic)

Graham from Rebel models knows how to party, mind you he won't look as bright in the morning! (See end picture) Here is Big Dave with his best Chewbacca Wookie impression! "Does my bum look big in this?" Howard wears the latest from Moscow, a mobile helicopter landing pad. Humpy's overdone the 'Spray Mane' (and the Cider!) in this pic.
Nobody knew what happened to Robert's son Damien, but Jim may know! John Guy from Tank Command joined in the fun. "Sorry? I have a what on my head?" "I'm not pished you know!" er, yes you are!
Richard and Humpy prove that mountains can move! Sober... ...pished! Is this Russia's secret weapon aimed at the decadent West, Elviski! "If only my whiskers could be as long!"
Anne lets her hair down, and up and sideways and...! "Fang you very much!" Love me tender? Not in their tent!!! Excuse the quality of the picture but the photographer was having trouble with his balance at this point. As mentioned at the beginning, Graham didn't look so good in the morning, in fact he looks wasted!