German Tank Pics

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Dave T
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German Tank Pics

Post by Dave T » Tue Nov 01, 2005 11:40 pm

I think I've plugged the Weltkrieg site before, but it's been updated and there are now 135 colour photos of German tanks - besides lots of other catergories, and b & w pics too - including a nice one of Adolf inspecting a line of shiny new Hetzers. (That one in Album 4 I think.) You have to be patient waiting because of the on line translator, but its worth it I think. Lots of good info on different tanks too, though the translation is not too hot eg "T34/85 average tank."
See: ...

Click on "color foto" then on "Tanks of Germany" or other category before opening individual albums. Got to be some inspiration in this site for dioramas for the 2007 UKTC calendar. Amazing how similar some of these pics are to those on 2006 calendar!

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