An old wish finally granted... found a guy doing 15/16th LCM

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An old wish finally granted... found a guy doing 15/16th LCM

Post by IANT » Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:55 am

Hi Guys,
Also sorry Stuart I wasn't sure whether this should have been in here or the for sale section? if so please let me know and I or you can move it over.
I and a few others have been wanting to build a full function scale WW11 landing craft capable of taking a Tamiya Sherman or whatever for a few years now, but my health just has not allowed the work involved in making a plug and mold to be done as I wanted it made in GRP to keep it light and also capable of taking knocks.

I found a guy last week with a bare GRP moulded LCM "outer hull" only for sale, the decks etc. will have to be scratch built, but they are all flat panels so no hardship at all.
I contacted Simon and bought the hull off him.
I was telling a few guys about this and asked if he would do a few more hulls if people wanted them and lucky for some of us :D he agreed to do them, as I am sure I am not the lunatic :lol: on here who also like watercraft I thought I would stick a post up and see if anybody else was interested as being able to combine the tanks and boats to me is dream, maybe it also applies to others ?
He has finished the mold and has had a few test hulls laid up and will! if there is a true committed interest in the hull , he would have a limited number of these made up for those interested.

He has them laid up by a local marine GRP company and the finish is excellent with prop tunnels and skegs already moulded in, the outer gel finish is in grey.
If anybody is interested pics and details are available on request, his name is Simon and real friendly bloke to contact, he is based in the South West of England and post is no problem.
I think he need's a minimum of 5 orders at a time to make it worth this companies time and also to keep it cheap enough to have them do the lay up.

I was very surprised cost wise as they are half the price I expected compared to other boat hull only mouldings available.
All the hard work is done! for anybody interested in building a working or static model.
They work out at about 40" long I haven't been able to get out over the last few day's to measure up exactly, he can also supply a very good set of drawings to full scale.
If interested contact Simon
PLEASE put in the heading "LCM INFO REQUEST" so he has some idea that it is not spam coming in.
This is not a business he just likes making working R/C scale model boat's and is not at a computer 24/7 so please don't expect an answer straight away.
Please note this is a hull molding only and not a kit! there is no running gear, props etc. but not had to source the bits required from mst good hobby shops.

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