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Post by General » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:03 pm

Watched the film Fury last night , what a load of old rubbish .I could have made a better war film myself.

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Re: Fury

Post by 007Kiwi » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:06 am

South Pacific


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Re: Fury

Post by Challenger » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:17 pm

A little harsh I would reply.
It's true there were many small ambush situations towards the end of WW2, fanatics were stringing up innocents who wanted an end to forgone conclusion. Most of those fighting on the allied side just wanted to get home in one piece after witnessing human horror at it's worst. There are many stories of lone Tanks holding ground after being disabled, the action towards the end of the film is based on fact.
The fact that Brad Pitt stars in the film should have led viewers to know that there may be a few cheesy lines and the odd heroic deed. This was never going to be a documentary for the rivet counters.
That said, where else are you going to get authentic fighting equipment bounding at one another, bodies blown to bits with flying Sherman turrets and whistling 88's.
If you compare to the greatest war films "ever" battle scenes, how many can say "we tried used the right stuff mostly".
I wince every time I see the mock up Tiger's in Private Ryan, The broken T34 track falling to the ground, pitiful.
Battle of the Bulge, Chaffee against M47 (the ultimate blue on blue)
Even the great Battle of Britain with all it's fine battle scenes had it's cheesy moments and a black Labrador. A tear comes to my eye even now.

Where else are you going to get the great, one and only lone 131, taken on by three Sherman's in close combat.
It was always going to be difficult, fast action, camera angles, fear, brilliant.
It would have been over in seconds at that range and it was.
Better than her actual demise. Fortunately.
"The turrets buggered," "lets leg it boys there a brace of Churchill's over yonder" and " who set the demo charges?" "Shietzer"

Fury is a good film with Brad Pitt and Great Tank scenes
Looking forward to seeing more in the same vain

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