Dortmund 2015 Revue

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Dortmund 2015 Revue

Post by rivetcounter » Thu May 14, 2015 7:32 pm

Dortmund 2015 Revue

Once again I visited Dortmund though this year was with Tim And Steve, it was a long trip we drove through the night arriving at Dortmund for around 05:30 and were lucky enough to have 30 minutes rest before it was time for breakfast and then to the event, Friday was a very long and tiring day but well worth the effort even though I almost fell asleep in my dinner in the evening.
This year Armortek were again in attendance with their new Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf C and Pak 43, Jill and Mark brought along some Coffee to keep us all going throughout the event, this year RAG welcomed other clubs from Germany, Belgium and also England.
RAG, send their heartfelt thanks to Armourtek for attending and also the Coffee
Below is a very rough translation but you will have to follow the link for the pictures in many folders ... llbau-2015

Intermodellbau Dortmund 2015

Like every year in April, so this year the largest and longest exhibition of the season in Dortmund took place.
The Intermodellbau
Inetrmodellbau Dortmund 2015
Of course, we were going back and as required by the name we were here positioned internationally. But more on that later.
IG Group
After a long preparation, it was finally over. We met with the construction team on Tuesday at noon in the hall. Last year we had with the arrival to the fair some technical problems, but this time everything went smoothly. Shortly before the arrival again strengthened briefly and then time at 12.30 clock to stand on the site.
Shortly after each other then arrived and most of us, so we could start building the site. Since the halls were still relatively empty, we first drove the car into the hall and unload everything before there was no way through on the trails more.
IG construction booth
Now the great mountain of material had to be only distributed. In our cottage the coffee was first installed once, so that we could discuss the strategy and the structure over a coffee.
The distribution was soon clear and it went off.
The most important element of the exhibition stand the platforms were first built. This time we had this every 10 podiums and Dieter has brought the 5 Stages of armored guys at the start.
The landing site was created with a large bridge and an exit to the main premises of the following modules. On the platform area was a military camp and barracks section with the dioramas parts of Thomas; Daniel, George and Dieter built.
IG podium
FotoalbumDa we have a lot of pictures from the podium,
Is there an extra photo album.
Subsequently, the tables were set up for the models and on the opposite side of the table for the construction sites.
Now it could go to the terrain. With the many hands and shovels and the terrain was relatively quickly formed. We have been there the platforms for the bridge of Michael with scheduled, so we do not have to rebuild again in the middle of the show.
After Wolfgang and Herbert had finally arrived, our construction team was now complete with 13 men.
Wolfgang had the last plates for the podium here, so could also be completed and Herbert has rebuilt his workshop. We had already prepared something the workshop, so could be built fairly quickly "Herberts Feldschmiede".
Now we have to move away to the hotel, the rooms relate to leave then spend the first night at the legendary schnitzel temple.
Sunday Morning - the first day starts. In the early morning hours, Karel has already made on the path waiting for our appearance in the breakfast room. After breakfast we went off to Mass, quickly brought the stuff by Karel on the state and the visitors were able to come.
The rush of visitors stopped in line with expectations in check. It was still the middle of the week.
Since we had at the beginning barely large models here, the main attention was paid to the 1 / 16er in the demonstrations.
Models 1:16
by the models 1:16
Video Clip
We tried a couple of times a convoy ride by Leos or a convoy of vans.
Convoy models 1:16
Large crowds but was always on the platforms, where there is also something moved between screenings.
So here Verladeübungen the M109 were shown on the SLT by Georg.
Various model transports
We FotoalbumDa very many pictures of the shipments and
Shipments of models ,,
Is there an extra photo album.
In the evening came the next to gain.
Sascha, Christian, Gunnar and Detlef of the greyhounds. So now were representatives from all
"Northern clubs" on the spot.
Dieter of the armored guys Neumünster and Georg from PTI.
The Wednesday evening was again very quiet, in anticipation of the Donnertag.
Thursday morning - the second day. And again we had a new addition. Yves has also made early on the road and picked us up at the hotel.
Thus also our first international team was complete. Karel and Yves from Belgium.
Yves had again his King Tiger in scale 1: 6 there. Thus, Wolfgang Tiger has not felt so alone on the premises.

Tiger I
FotoalbumEIn photo album of our
Big cats
Tiger II
In this video clip
it is nice to the two
See figures
The visitors at the exhibition also held on Thursday in limits. There were mainly school classes go. I think the schools in Dortmund had extra set a day of hiking.
The evening was approaching and with it the next substitutes. Michael Marchlewitz and Michael Weißbrodt are pitched at the hotel. Slowly, the crowded ranks, but that should not be the end.

Friday morning - the third day. Date of redemption. Now it was really crowded and internationally. Is middle of the night, Mark has made with his mates Tim and Steve from England on the way.
The models of the stragglers were brought back to the area to join forces.
We were able to remodel the demonstrations somewhat thanks to the new models. The convoy of the low loader was enriched by Michaels Franziska and Steel Panther has greatly enriched by its 1/8-models, especially with the tanks on the fly bridge, the fraction of the "big ones".

T34 Bridge Layer

So far, the Tiger of Wolfgang and Yves the conclusion of the show, were now but still came to the T34 Steel Panther.
At the flow of visitors could notice that approaches the weekend. During the day the series at our booth at the demonstrations became bigger.
IG visitors
After every show we had to recondition the site again. Not only the roads were re-modeled, we have also redistributed the greens. This year we had sown no Kresse from, but we have brought some color into the terrain with colored sawdust.
Friday was the date of redemption, because we have left the greyhounds, but came Bernd and Uwe from the armored guys in the afternoon to do so.
Friday was thus the day with the most participants.
Saturday morning - the fourth day. Now the day comes with the largest influx of visitors.
But it was not as bad as in recent years. Otherwise, the visitors rallied to the fair opening on the forecourt, which was then almost filled. This year it was a little quieter. Nevertheless, we were again very besieged by visitors, and not just to the demonstrations.
Bernd vehicles in 1/16 such as his M1 and Uwe models in 1/10 were immediately involved in the demonstrations.
We also had a surprise visit from Thomas. He helped us with a few modifications. As eye-catcher the functional Kettenkrad has since proven to 1:35.
FotoalbumFotoalbum of the Krädern
We had to keep only Steel Panther back so the little thing does not get into the chains.
Then a big farewell dinner at Schnitzel temple was for the evening set, we had a lot of fun in the evening, but it was really a farewell dinner, as Geli will give up their business, and we probably have to find a new home for the next year. Even though the ceremony did not last until the middle of the night, so it was just as well.
Sunday morning - the fifth day.
There has still been no cabin fever wide, but slowly we were longing the end of the show cause. The last day was completed but still as usual, which was again honored by the numerous audience.

Visitors series
In the early afternoon, however, exposed the halls. We then slowly packed our things to prepare ourselves for the big departure battle.
The clock shows 17.00 clock and chaos strikes. In all halls has now packed hectic and everyone was trying to be the first.
We have our usual reduction in sovereignty accomplished together. Then a brief farewell and hit the rail.
As a conclusion it can be said that the fair was exhausting, but it was a lot of fun.
It was noted that were less exhibitors in the halls and the number of visitors was slightly lower compared to previous years.
I would like once again to thank here all the protagonists of the exhibition, especially the comrades of other clubs who have supported us here.
Thanks to the anti-tank team Itzehoe, the armored guys Neumünster, the greyhounds, the BTB (Battle Tanks Belgie) and the comrades from England.
I hope we'll see you again next year in Dortmund.
Werkstatt - 5
UKTC European Coordinator
RAG Militärmodellbau
They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

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Re: Dortmund 2015 Revue

Post by Steve Norris » Sat May 16, 2015 10:57 am

Hi Rivet.
Put me down for Munster or Dortmund next year if you are planning a trip.
Armortek Late Tiger 1, Stuart, Kettenkrad

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Re: Dortmund 2015 Revue

Post by Swamprat033 » Sat May 16, 2015 10:57 pm

I think i will need to come along too :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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