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Encyclopedia-German tanks of World War2-Peter Chamberlain ?

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:08 am
by tiger1
Good Day Everyone

I thought I better start buying some very good Tank reference material and one book which stood out in the reviews barring one or two minor criticisms was the following:-

Encyclopedia of German tanks of World War Two
New ed.
Peter Chamberlain and Hilary Doyle.
Published 1999 by Cassell in London

I have one question and it relates to the best edition to buy? according to my research the last edition of this book was 1999 as above,
but I have found what appears an even later edition :-Published by Silverdale Books (2004)-ISBN 10: 1845090128 ISBN 13: 9781845090128?

I am certainly no book expert,but I am sort of wondering if this 2004 edition is some kind of cheap (US) version No offense to our American friends.

Of course I wish to buy the best printed Edition?.and anyone who as bought loads of books over the years like me ,will know that from edition to edition the quality of the finished book can vary a lot! so always best to check.

So am hoping someone out there can help by pointing me to the best edition their have been 4 all together.

Many thanks Steve :D