Help!Choosing which are The Best 1/6th Tiger-Accessories ??

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Help!Choosing which are The Best 1/6th Tiger-Accessories ??

Post by tiger1 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:57 am

:mrgreen: Hello Everyone & A Very~Merry~Christmas To You All...

I have being quiet for a while,contemplating my navel,really though not to well.But my spirits were continually lifted by the thought that the Great Dream of buying a 1/6th TIGER still burns bright!Must just be patient until the readies turn up?

As a sort of a side project and a Christmas gift to myself I have just purchased a Superb Customized "Michael Wittmann DID the Famous Tank Ace of WWII,the Seller is going to do some further work for me,in the lead up to my buying the Tank.

*I thought as some of the Very Best Tank Modellers are on this Forum maybe you could help me? it would mean a great deal to me.Due to multifarious health issues :evil: ,I myself are regrettably unable to undertake any meaningful building,Kit Bashing,Upgrades,Improvements e.t.c.

I already have a large collection of RC Tank Related Sites Bookmarked,but I am one of these people who hates to think he as missed anything :roll: and I am isolated here in Norway,& out of the loop and the mainstream modelling fraternity.we have beavers for neighbours!!

OKAY!!! I would like to know who makes the BEST 1/6th TIGER or Similar German Tank ACCESSORIES? Tank & Small Arms AMMO -Shells and Ammo-Boxes,Really nice Tool sets,Flags/Pennants/Tank Spares Both carried and not,Towing Cables,Spare-Tracks sections,Oil Drums,Jerry type Cans,also fancy one of those Multi Road/Military sign Posts..Buckets,Camo Tank Netting,First Aid Bag/box,Helmets,and I Suppose the list could go on and on.

Of course I am not forced to use everything at once,and most will make up a splendid diorama,could include Field Command station with Radio,seats,Table e.t.c. e.t.c. so again any pointers :?: to this kind of set up will help me greatly.

I would like to thank you all in advance,please excuse my non modelling amateur approach

All The Best Steve
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Re: Help!Choosing which are The Best 1/6th Tiger-Accessories

Post by [ICE]monkey » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:52 pm

i can recomend Daves
blitzkrieg panzer IV , mark 1 tiger II
on second thoughts lets not go to Camelot ,it is a silly place


Dirama Builder wanted Please+The Best 1/6th Tiger-Accessorie

Post by tiger1 » Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:36 pm

:mrgreen: Good Day Ice Monkey,

Many thanks for your reply much obliged for the link to AMORPAX...Yes I was already aware of their superb Accessories and very impressive Customer Gallery! I do not think I have ever put as much raw effort in to anything as I am in to this project,so determined am I to get this Right! So any help from Fellow members will be very much appreciated.Please forgive my over enthusiastic amateur approach to all this :oops:

Obviously initial ideas,thoughts, things in general are in constant change,the more I learn about this superb hobby!and the more feedback and inspiration I receive. Already my thinking as changed a little from my original Posting :?: .

I was intending :!: for the diorama to act as a medium term fix while I wait for the wished for RC Tank but giving it some thought I have decided their is far more chance of getting the DIORAMA Built than me getting a Tank? and if I am lucky enough to get the tank so be it.if not I still have a First-Rate Diorama to be proud of which will take centre stage.Unlike most of you guys and the wider 1/6th fraternity I do not expect to ever have more than the one diorama,(their are very good reasons why I can make that statement?) so I am thinking lets make it as best we can from the outset.

Therefore what I have decided is this To Hopefully get someone to build for me a Diorama German WWII with M;Wittmann & Balthasar "Bobby" Woll as the centre pieces of a small field command assembly/Stores area with heavy machine gun set up and lots of fine details.
Naturally i ma going to need help just planning and getting this right,my greatest aim with this is realism and detail the scene composition can be thought about in lots more detail

I thank you for your attention

Best Wishes Steve :obscene-drinkingcheers:

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