Anyone suggest a Top "VANTEX Tank" Custom Upgrader

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Anyone suggest a Top "VANTEX Tank" Custom Upgrader

Post by tiger1 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:43 am

:wave: Hello fellow Members & A Very Happy New Year from Norway. :D

:{ It is quite some time since I was last with you all on the forum.Afraid health keeps getting me down,and must admit I fear more and more,that I will never get the opportunity to own and run a First Class Tank (RC)?

Must admit had almost thrown in the towel so despondent I had become,but of late I have bounced back some what.and wondered if anyone new of A Custom Builder/Upgrader who might be able to help me
re -the possibility of buying and upgrading a VANTEX TIGER including new Paint Job+SOUND+SMOKE e.t.c. plus any Upgrades felt beneficial or improvement.

I am sure I have explained before that due to health issues not able to really carry out much work
The way I look at it,maybe buying one of the Vantex offerings and having a full upgrade as outlined above is still a lot cheaper than buying from the big boys 1/6th? which with all the best will in the world I will never be able to afford.

I also offering option of limited edition Gauge 1 Locomotive (Glaskasten) :mrgreen: from the company KM1 in Germany the rolls Royce of spur 1,as to be seen, if exchange is not possible must look at alternative methods

many thanks Steve :D

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Re: Anyone suggest a Top "VANTEX Tank" Custom Upgrader

Post by rivetcounter » Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:05 am

Steve, the mind boggles, Vantex Tiger detail wise is terrible and the cost of the work to improve such a model will not come cheap many parts will have to be made as one offs especially as the model is unknown apart from a few shots released by the manufacture, have you looked at the cost of parts that are available for the Tiger I, it would be simple to spend £1000 on parts alone then there is installing and painting the whole tank, none of this will affect the running of the tank which may well be poor to say the least, recently there has been a few models for sale on the forum and also on ebay I can’t understand why you haven’t gone for one of these.
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Re: Anyone suggest a Top "VANTEX Tank" Custom Upgrader

Post by tiger1 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:45 am

Hi Rivitcounter
Really good to hear from you.
Yes I do take your well made points.Suppose desperation as set in and desperately trying to make something work,but knowing full well in the back of the mind it is really a hopeless cause.
You say their have being several tanks on ebay of late and you cant understand why I have not gone for them?? Not sure if you mean Vantex or in general well I did go for a Mark1 tiger only to discover it was a very old model obsolete, needing lots of work to bring it up to standard
actually paid for it,But had to cancel once I found out the cost and the problems.Mark was very helpful.
If it is the vantex you refer to,then I suspect unless they were heavily modified examples I would not have gone near them anyway
and having read your comments that maybe a very good thing don't you think?

all the best Steve

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