Help/Advice Appreciated:- RE- Planning 1/8th Tank Purchase?

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Help/Advice Appreciated:- RE- Planning 1/8th Tank Purchase?

Post by tiger1 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:22 pm

Hello Fellow Members, :oops:
Must admit the last few days have being both stressing & and also a wake up call?
I was getting no where fast with my continuing desire to run a First~Class RC tank
I have gone from 1/8 & 1/6 down to 1/16 and back again 8O

I have tried as hard as anyone to get a feel for the hobby of RC tanks,but just as I felt I was moving forward I ended up going backwards.I was kindly told by well meaning folk to go for something more affordable and manageable IE 1/16th Tamiya e.t.c.

It was then pointed out to me,with a great deal of truth, that it was obvious my heart was not in the smaller tanks and in turn would offer me little excitement,and that if I could not manage (somehow) to buy a 1/8th scale tank at least I should not put myself through the mill,and forget it, and I agreed.

So after a lot of very deep contemplation,looking at all the Pros & Cons ,I have arrived at what I hope is a solid plan to buy a 1/8th Tank I am due for a major back payment from the UK Government and my dear wife as agreed that I should use the money to fulfill this dream.

So that decided I thought I would spend the next few month putting together a realistic plan in great detail
As i will require the tank Ready To Run or at the least built for me,with all the upgrades/Modifications felt appropriate.

Suppose I would benefit from the over arching support and guidance from someone who is both trustworthy and well respected in the hobby, advising me on appropriate upgrades/improvements?

Anyway that's the plan anyway

any help will be really appreciated,I have a history of making very expensive mistakes

best wishes Steve :wave:

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Re: Help/Advice Appreciated:- RE- Planning 1/8th Tank Purcha

Post by Desert Wurzel » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:25 pm

Hi Steve

The answer to your quest is simple sir :ugeek:

The best retailer of 1/8 Tanks (and large scale tanks per se in my humble opinion) is UK based Mark-1-Tanks, run by Mark Spencer.

I have had one of Marks 1/8 Tiger Is ("Sadie") for some years now and she has been 100% reliable :D

Just have a look at Marks website and you will see he does a nice little selection of 1/8 stuff.

In terms of overall practicality 1/8 has worked out really well for me.

Hope this helps :idea:

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Re: Help/Advice Appreciated:- RE- Planning 1/8th Tank Purcha

Post by rivetcounter » Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:15 pm

Can I ask which companies you have found who sell 1/8 Tiger I.
In your research on various scales of RC tanks which companies have you found who supply aftermarket parts.
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