1/6 T-34/85 track links

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Derek Penfold
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1/6 T-34/85 track links

Post by Derek Penfold » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:37 pm

Hi Guys,

Im looking for some resin tracks for a T-34/85? Does anyone makes them? if so how much per link?.

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Re: 1/6 T-34/85 track links

Post by Rob » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:23 am

The lack of response probably indicates the difficulty in finding these items Derek.
Easiest place to find alloy versions is probably Mark 1 Tanks, be prepared to spend in excess of £500.
Other than that , I've no idea.
Any tracks in 1/6 seem to be akin to the holy grail, more projects could be built but for the difficulty in getting tracks cast, never mind the expense .

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Re: 1/6 T-34/85 track links

Post by saracen » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:29 am

This is something the 3D printing agencies could get behind, as they could be printed on demand, rather than having to have 1000s cast to get the price down and then having them sat on a shelf somewhere. They're even getting pretty good at printing metal parts, so usable links would be a possibility as well.


Derek Penfold
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Re: 1/6 T-34/85 track links

Post by Derek Penfold » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:09 pm

Thanks for the info guys, I may have found something that will suit, Most appreciate the advise though.

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Re: 1/6 T-34/85 track links

Post by JerryCarducci » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:26 am

I came late to this thread regarding tracks.

You know gents setting up a simple foundry to cast your 1/6 tracks would be a great club project. I don't know how it over your way
getting the essentials of foundry work, refractory to build the furnace body, petrobond_like molding sand, crucibles, tongs, pouring shanks
and the like but once you fit out a foundry there's no stopping what you could make. The only real danger is to the wife's aluminum
pots and pans. You can make all the flasks( cope and drag) you need- no cause to buy them. In a pinch a cement mixer can serve as a muller.

As large as 1/6 tracks are you really have no excuse to make your own...and making a viable drilling fixture isn't that difficult.

The beauty is if you don't like what you made or buggered some casting- back into the pot they go!

I've made 2 successful foundry furnaces and they've made a lot of parts for me, parts for my 1/10 scale projects I could never buy anywhere.

I wish clubs over here would do stuff like this.

Be wary of the self made man... many tend to worship their creator.

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