Big 1/8 T90 for sale, if Carlseberg made tanks...........

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Big 1/8 T90 for sale, if Carlseberg made tanks...........

Post by Bulldog » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:31 pm

Well, its over in the for sale forum too but a little more publicity cant hurt :D

Simply dont have the time to run this AND my Abrams as well as all my other tanks, real shame because its just been sitting there gathering dust in the garage.

This is quite simply one of the best performers what mark sells, fast, tough and reliable, ask him yourself!

easily less than 5 hours run time, a lot of which includes simply running it into and out of the NEC halls!

Thanks to Kin over at tankzone for putting up a page for me details over at

A very unique model, probably THE most detailed large scale T90 in this solar system, take a gander over at my website for additional pictures

I have added headlights, spots on the turret as well as a strobe to the co-axial MG, LOTS of detail work, etc. sale includes the radio set too, all you have to buy is a suitable battery charger and your ready to run :wink:

really pains me to sell the little fella but I cant transport both tanks at the same time so something has to give :?

UK only, I can deliver at fuel cost or arrange a pick-up, £2100 OVNO, drop me a PM or an email at if your interested :wink:

I reserve the right to completely change my mind and decide not to sell this at any time the little voices in my head tell me to (unless I see a better toy for sale) :twisted:
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