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M5 Stuart Tanks 1/6 scale x 5 for sale

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:47 am
by cooperman
Right then, I have 5 Stuarts for sale, 3 have been modified internally by a well known board member with Benedini sound systems. One actually has an even higher upgraded 'inside' sorry im a bit vague about this, but basically I bought these to modify and run only after they had been in previous ownership. One tank with modifications is resprayed in desert sand the others olive drab. 3 tanks have 'boat loads' of modifications including in some cases hatches, barrel and even rubber applied to tracks. all have TX units. I also have a large box of spares. I will need to photograph the tanks and send in emails if you are interested. I am located in the North East of England, I would like a deal ideally from one person so they all go together please. The only way that they can be delivered is by van, I can deliver but I would need to charge for van hire, mileage etc.....I would do this if someone wants the lot?
Also in the deal is a box full of Armorpax extras such as hatches, tools etc etc.....this really is a large clear out due to house move.
Here is a generalised summary of the electrical upgrades which have been replaced to a high standard.

2 x 12v 7a Batteries
1 x Benedini Sound System
1 x Planet T5 2.4Ghz radio set
3 x Electronic Speed Controllers (2 for drive, 1 for turret rotation)
I am looking for offers of over £1500.00 for the whole lot, it really is a great package. Let me know of any interest first, I need to take photos sometime this week, please note serious interest only as I need these items moved out quite quickly, I don't want to split the lot up either, it would make a great project. Sorry about the rambling post but I am keen to move this out.