Toy Soldier, Wargame and Military Modelling Show, Dartford

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Toy Soldier, Wargame and Military Modelling Show, Dartford

Post by Humpy » Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:41 am


Had an open invite for this. If anybody's interested...

"As your club has previously staged remote controlled tank demonstrations at our show we are contacting you to ask if you would like to also exhibit at the forthcoming 9th April event. If you like we could also provide a table in the hall for you to put on a static display?

This year we are able to offer you a small contribution of £25 to your club funds (petrol and beer money!) plus free lunch and refreshments.

Please confirm ASAP if you would like to attend so that we may include your details in the show publicity.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, Andy Harfield Harfields Military Figure Specialists"

Sounds to good to be true? Perhaps we'll see. Mind you it sounds like it'll be better than sitting in the car park like myself and Bryan did last year :x


PS Yes, I know it clashes with Chatham!
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