Deal ATC Family Day 24th August

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Deal ATC Family Day 24th August

Post by Humpy » Mon May 06, 2013 5:48 pm


Had this come through to the club e-mail address. I have explained that unfortunately its the same weekend as Military Odyssey which a lot of our local members go along to but that we could see what we could do! Usual thing applies, if you wish to go can you drop an e-mail to George the organiser please? Ta.


"Got a Family Fun Day on the 24th August and your club would fit in lovely if you wanted a free pitch to show off what you do with your model tanks. There will be an arena you could use at a set time as there are other events on.
Your club would be of interest to a lot of people as the event is to raise funds for the Deal Air Training Corps and the Army, RAF and Navy have all been invited to attend.
We are expecting a high crowd volume for this event
If you are interested please let me know asap as pitches soon go.
Hope you can!
Kind regards
2235 Deal ATC Civcom"

George can be contacted through
UKTC President

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