21 st Centuary Stuart Tracks

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21 st Centuary Stuart Tracks

Post by ALLAN114 » Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:06 am


Since I converted my tank to proportional R/C the inner track has had a tendancy to run off the rear road wheels when doing long progressive turns on high grip surfaces like grass. Its easy to drive the tank in a way which will prevent this but I wanted to solve the problem once and for all.

The problem is caused by the rear road wheel having a narrow track horn slot with sharp edges, so the track easily runs up on the rim of the wheel. Someone suggested some time ago chamfering this slot and it does help a lot. The chamfer has to be such that the slot is about twice its original width at the wheel rim and tapers down to the original width at the depth of the track horns. I noticed this stopped the tracks running off in all but the most extreme cases however I went on to round off the sharp edges on the top of the track horns, only a very minimal amount of rounding. I also put a thin smear of vaseline in the slot of the rear road wheel (no laughing!!). Now the tracks will not run off at all try as I might.

I made the chamfers in the roard wheels by filing, so no need for a lathe to do this, but it would save a lot of time filing if one could use a lathe.


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