Benedini digital control problems - help

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Benedini digital control problems - help

Post by Tiger1late » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:38 pm

Hi Folks, hope someone can help out there. I recently had fitted a Benedini sound system into my Mark 1 Tiger. The Futaba Tx was fitted with the 12 position encoder system and all was working just fine. I had a JR PCM9X 2 Tx lying about so i converted this to 2.4ghz and sent it away to have some of the switches modified to be spring loaded, the reason for this was i wanted to convert the Tiger to be interference free and the sounds to be controlled with the spring switches via the Benedini Digital Control Module which i have now bought from Thomas. I have converted the Tiger to 2.4ghz without a problem but since ive fitted the Digi Control Module i have only the main engine noises (the ones which rise and fall relative to motion). Having studied the Benedini website and thoroughly followed the program instructions step-by-step i am at a loss as to what to do now. I have fitted 3 remote switches which each give a 12v supply to the upper pins of the Module, one of them controls the main engine sounds, which does seem to work fine, and the other 2 were destined to control the main gun & machine gun sounds, i cannot seem to program these at all. When i press the program button on the Benedini sound card it toggles through the 'special sounds' as it should, the instructions tell you to apply current for a short period to map a sound to each channel, when the correct sound is heard and i pull on one of the spring loaded switches (which does indeed put a 12v supply to the pins on the Digital controller cos ive tested it) nothing seems to happen to the special sounds, they just keep on toggling until they end, neither of the 2 switches has an effect. When i now turn on the main engine sounds from the Tx channel, all seems fine until i move any one of the two spring loaded switches, either of them turn off the sounds, this says that the Digi Control must be receiving a 12v current from them or does it?

In principle the Digi Control mode is a great idea and exactly what i want, i only want it to turn the main engine sounds on and off and make machine gun and main gun sounds when i flick the relevant spring switches, i thought it would be so simple to convert it from the encoder control, sadly im too far down the 2.4ghz route to go back to 40mhz so i will have to persevere with the Digi Control............can anyone help, please, please.


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