4 channel R/C switching board

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4 channel R/C switching board

Post by notadrop » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:56 pm

Saw this and thought it may be of interest!

'Hi, all, we are pleased to announce a new product – a four channel R/C switching board.

This small R/C switching board accepts one to four standard R/C inputs and has four switched to GND outputs. Each output consists of a MOSFET transistor which closes a circuit to the -VE battery terminal when on. Each output can be used to switch auxiliary circuits in your models such as LEDs etc.

They can be used to switch relays, small motors etc., if used with our snubber diodes to protect the MOSFETs against reverse inductive kick.

Each output can switch up to 30 Volts at up to 3 Amps each, or a total of 5.0 Amps for all outputs on together.
Each input can come from either a two position switch on your radio, or, for model boats and land vehicles, a spare centre sprung proportional stick can be used in any of four positions (half forward/reverse or full forward/reverse) to switch any of the four outputs. This operating mode is auto-detected and auto-configured when it is powered up from the receiver. No external power supply is required - it draws its power from the receiver through its input connectors.

A loss of signal detector is incorporated where, if any of the input signals become invalid, or non-existent, output # 4 switches on. This can be used in model submarines, for example, to bring the sub to the surface if loss of signal occurs.

Price is CAD$39.99 – details on our web site here : http://www.modelsoundsinc.com/fourchannelswitcher.htm

The user guide is available here : http://www.modelsoundsinc.com/docs/RCSw ... rGuide.pdf

David Harrison, SMIEEE
CEO/Chief Design Engineer
Model Sounds Inc., Ottawa, Canada
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