Spooner drive system

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Spooner drive system

Post by saracen » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:16 pm

I'm currently renovating Kieren's Churchill and am having trouble working out how to get the main drive gears off the Parvalux motor shafts.

The gears are spinning by about 45 degrees when put under load, which makes driving the tank difficult. There looks like there is a roll pin through the gear spigot, which should engage in the keyway of the motor, but obviously doesn't.

What is making me scratch my head currently is that, whilst the gear will move round the shaft, I can see any way to get it off the end of the shaft. I want to investigate using a taper lock bush but I need to get the gear off first :roll:

Does anyone know how Kieren fixed these Intralox drive systems together ?

I've messaged him on Facebook but no response as yet.


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