1/6 newbie questions

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1/6 newbie questions

Post by warwick » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:24 pm

hi, if i were to fabricate a tiger hull in aluminium 1/6 scale, whats the best route for track,sprockets,idlers....what is the most desireable suspension? torsion bar or coil springs or other options????.....

could the track links be either pressed or jet cut out of mild steel??

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Re: 1/6 newbie questions

Post by saracen » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:29 am

Track links are always the sticking point with wholly scratch built tanks.

By far the easiest way would be to buy a set from Armortek or Mark-1-Tanks.

Waterjet or laser cutting is usually only done on flat sheets of metal, so although you could get the basic shape, you wouldn't have the horns which are needed to keep the tracks aligned whilst running through the wheels and idler.

A couple of people I know have had sets of track links machined in the UK and you'd be looking at £3000-£3500 for a set.

For the sprockets and idlers, it comes down to realism. You could make functional ones from fairly simple cylinders and disks, but they'll look toy like in 1/6th.
Again, you could probably buy them as parts from Armortek or Mark-1-Tanks.

For the suspension, springs will be easier to get right through trial and error. You could buy a set of torsion bars from Armortek but you'd need to make sure your Tiger ended up at about the same weight as theirs, otherwise they may bot be stiff enough to support it.


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Re: 1/6 newbie questions

Post by Rob » Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:01 am

The perennial question . . . . . Where can I get tracks made !
Mark 1 will sell you a running hull of any of his models, I think I paid £2300 for a Challenger version, the king tiger/jagdtiger conversion I did was about the same price. That way you get tracks, sprockets etc all fitting.
Having done a Challenger 1 many years ago from scratch, I enjoyed the CAD drawing scaling everything up from a 1/35 kit, but I had a tame machine shop owner to do the sprockets, road wheels etc. yes they eventually ran beautifully. I found a tame caster up in Yorkshire to do the track links from my masters, but the cost was far more than buying a ready made tank from Mark 1 ( it was prob more than armortek as well) but at the time Mark was only doing the tiger and armortek wasn't about.
Coil springs ala Mark 1 tanks is a far far simpler system than torsion bars, they can be swapped/doubled up as needed.
Kieren has made models successfully, using commercially available Intralox links ( normally used as conveyor systems) as tracks. Not scale looking enough for many people but having run his Mk 1V I can attest to its strength and durability. They stand out like a pair of dogs whatsits on the Mark 1V, but on a tank with covered tracks (matilda etc) they would work.
Talk to Mark, he will do you Tiger bits, but the waiting time might put you off . He might well have tracks/sprockets in stock as its a very common item.
Have a look at Possums Chieftain build on here for a completely scratch build, road wheels, sprockets, tracks included. But he is a very clever bloke with casting, manufacturing,3d printing and lots of other experience. . . . Did I mention he has lots of patience ?
Most importantly, don't give up on the ideas, anything different has got to be good for this shrinking hobby !
Whilst I'm here ill remind you that there is a lot of experience in the membership, and that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask ! I'm sure everyone will pass there experiences on if you ask.

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Re: 1/6 newbie questions

Post by possum » Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:36 am

Hi Warwick,

What Saracen & Rob said is brilliant advice.

Tracks & sprockets are your main headache, but if you have lots of available cash & time anything is possible. If your interested in aluminium tank builds have a look at the Armortek site, there are some stunning builds & people who have the machining skills. I have bought parts & components form them for my Chieftain build because it was cheaper to adapt than build from new & they are always willing to try & help. If you can source tracks, sprockets,& running gear the rest of the build is relatively easy.

A purchased running or built hull from Mark1 or Armortek would save you time & money, but you could also build your own hull & source some ready made running gear which can adapt or change. Dave Dibbs from Armorpax is a genius at doing this, so check out his website. Also RAG the German RC Tank website is also has some amazing one off builds in metal.

Just start planning your build & give it a go would be my advice.

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