This page is self indulgence, really just for the people that were there. Some of us went into Swanage town via the Steam Railway for a pub lunch and a general look around. This helped to break up the journey a little.

After a refreshing pub lunch and a couple of rounds of Pool. The water in Swanage Harbour was so clear that you could see right through it, unlike the water in the English Channel which you can only just run a ship through it! In Swanage Station are a couple of stored loco's. This is typical of what would have worked on the line in times gone by. All too soon it was time to head back towards Bovington. The Railway runs a Park and Ride scheme to keep traffic to a minimum in Swanage itself.
Here we see Swanage Harbour in all it's panoramic  beauty. It was actually a bright sunny day but the picture doesn't do it justice.